Cisco Router ASR901

(ridhwan b) #1

what is main different between ASR901 and ASR903 Cisco Routers ?

(Lazaros Agapides) #2

Hello ridhwan

In general, the ASR903 is a higher end model of ASR as compared to the 901. Some fundamental differences include:

  • ASR901 is 1U while the 903 is 3U in rack height
  • ASR901 has one AC power supply while the 903 has two
  • ASR901 is fixed while the 903 has six modular slots for additional modules to be added
  • ASR903 can accommodate 2 route switch processors allowing for redundancy of CPU, Memory and other required components
  • ASR903 provides fan redundancy as well.

In general, the 903 has many more redundancy features, a higher capacity and more modularity to customize it for the specific network needs. You can view both of these devices’ datasheets at the following links:

I hope this has been helpful!


(ridhwan b) #3

Thank you
But why in ASR901 we have to configer in interface of vlan ?
Wht is the idea form that
Why the router can not accept configration on interface?
Can you explain how to access interface with vlan in asr901 ?

(Lazaros Agapides) #4

Hello Ridhwan

This is just the architecture that has been chosen by Cisco for this device. The routing functionality is the same regardless of if you use a routed port or an SVI for routing.

I hope this has been helpful!