Cisco SD-WAN Localized Control Policy BGP

This topic is to discuss the following lesson:

when i try to add a new localized policy for modifying BGP local preference i add the Prefix under the “group of interest”. However in my lab i can see that under the “group of interest” “Policer” the Policer-List “POLICER-TEST” from the previous lesson is present. And i cannot remove it here. it gives me an error message that it is in use. Strange, because i try to add a new localized policy. This is then pushed to Vedge1 along with the BGP route policy when applying it to the device template…
Same seems to be in Renes lab (In the video). Because when he is checking the vedge1 you can see:

vEdge1# show running-config policy
  rate   8000
  burst  15000
  exceed drop

along with others…

But what if i don’t want to have a policy with that name in vEdge1 ?
Do you have an idea ?


see error message attached:

changes on policy push:

Hello Oliver

In the first screenshot you shared, you can see that the policy POLICER-TEST has a Reference Count of 2. This means that it is referenced by another entity and cannot be deleted. When a policy is then referenced by, say, an ACL, or is applied to a template, the policer is being referenced, and it thus cannot be deleted. Take a look to see where it has been referenced, remove that reference, and then it will let you delete the policy.

I hope this has been helpful!


I had the same situation above.
Policer settings created in Group of Interest are automatically applied to Route Policy.
I understand that if the Reference Count of the Policer List is 0, it can be deleted, but if I want to add another policy that does not require policing, how do I disable the policer?