Cisco SD-WAN Plug and Play Connect Device Licenses

Hello Asif

The particular attributes that are in your post are X.509 attributes. In particular, they are:

CN: CommonName
OU: OrganizationalUnit
O: Organization
L: Locality
S: StateOrProvinceName
C: CountryName

If you want to change the organization name to ABDCDEF you would change the “O” attribute like so:


For more info about the X.509 certificate attributes, take a look at this documentation.

As for the vBond IP, when you onboard a vEdge, you must specify the IP address of the vBond controller as seen in the initial config of the vEdge device here:

The question is, can you use as the vBond IP address or any other IP address? This is strictly a licensing issue, and the only way to find out is to try. Can you do a bit of experimentation and let us know what results you get?

I hope this has been helpful!