Cisco Terminal Server Configuration Example

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Very good work Rene.

thank you

Good timing! Do you recommend this router over the Digi cm32 ??

Hi Frank,

A Digi CM32 is a great device as well, also pretty cheap on Ebay.


Your description thoroghly in any particular topic is Awesome.
Waiting for your next post.
Thank you.

Thank you for your kind words! Glad to hear you enjoy my work.

Hi Rene,

Thanks for the article! But I would like to mention one point. Cables for NM16-A or NM32-A Async Network Module are short if the devices are scattered around in the data center. It is good only when you have all the devices in one rack. Better to take terminal server which has RJ45 interfaces on it.


I’m using Digi PortServer II 16 at home and at work, and I configured to be accessible from internet successfully.

Hi Amal,

That’s some good advice…thanks for sharing!


If you have a patch panel at the top of each rack and patch it back to your access server and just plug the lines in there. It extends the run to each cabinet and saves you from having multiple access servers. This is for a real world application.
When I re-cabled my DC we did this. 1 access server with 32 lines patched out to 12 different racks.
Previously we had 12 cables , one for each rack and just called the NOC to move it to the device we needed to access. This is much easier, and now we have everything on the access server for our DR connections.

I loved the idea of the menu, and am trying to apply it to our access server.
I am not getting the return before the first line item


menu MYMENU title ^
************************    TERMINAL SERVER   **************************
************************         MENU         **************************
      To exit ssh session and return to the menu press
   ++ then .  To clear a connection to begin
 a new console session type cls# (where # = the menu item number)
               Type "exit" to return to main menu.
menu MYMENU prompt ^ Please enter your selection: ^C
menu MYMENU text 1 WLC
menu MYMENU command 1 resume WLC /connect telnet WLC
menu MYMENU text 2 WLC-Guest


it appears it is not getting the return noted after the 'selection ^C ’

did I miss something?

Hi Pete,

Normally this should work, I just copy/pasted this exact menu on my router and it accepts everything. What if you try another stop symbol? Something like this:

R1(config)#menu TESTMENU prompt $ Please enter your selection $

Does that work?


Hi Rene,

Want to check with you this 2511 Terminal server able to copy the files from 2511 via console to the management devices for firmware upload incase the firmware file corrupted?

Normally when we use the PC console to router/switch, we use Xmodem to upload the files.

For this 2511, also using the Xmodem to upload the files?


Hi Rene,

Great job!

Can you also explain issues with noise/overruns?

 Tty Typ     Tx/Rx     A Modem  Roty AccO AccI  Uses    Noise   Overruns
* 15 TTY   9600/9600   - host      -    -    -    44    66855     7843/14875

Am having some grief with this particular connection.

Just hangs Trying xx.xx.xx.xx, xxxx … Open

Hi I Ian,

Do you experience this on all your lines? I’ve had issues before but those were solved by replacing the NM16A module and cables.


Nice one Rene, this information was an absolute lifesaver. I’ve recently moved into a new network role at my workplace, which up until this point all equipment and customer solutions that I’ve worked on, the Terminal Server was already pre-configured and connectivity in place. This information allowed me to start on a new customer solution from scratch.

Hi Rene,

Most are intermittent, just wondering what else can I do before replacing the modules and cables.

Thanks for your help!

Hello I Ian

Issues such as noise on these lines usually have to do with hardware, such as cables and modules. I don’t believe there is anything configuration-wise that you can do about it.

I hope this has been helpful!



Daft question but if I have a terminal server in my rack, octal cable going patched to all console ports for the devices I have

How do I manage the terminal server from my PC without disrupting Internet access, do I need a dual NIC or can I simply run an extended rollover-to-usb cable from the terminal server’s console port to a spare usb slot on my desktop

Thanks in advance,

Hi @stig.the.legend

I usually just use the same IP address, the username that I use to manage the terminal server doesn’t get the menu, just the console. If you are afraid that you might break something and lock yourself out, schedule a reload before you make any changes:

Router#reload in 10
Reload scheduled in 10 minutes by console
Reload reason: Reload Command
Proceed with reload? [confirm]
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