Cisco VIRL Layer 2 Switching MAC Address Table Empty

  • I am running a simulation lab on Cisco VIRL
  • I have 2 Servers connected to a layer 2 switch with eth0 configured with a layer 2 address
  • The 2 servers can ping each other
  • The MAC Address table however is empty on the Layer 2 switch to which the the 2 servers connect (in common)
  • Has anyone had any experience with this ? I understand that there is an underlying layer of openstack switches that connect the actual simulated switches on Layer 2 but surely VIRL is capable of learning MAC Addresses ?


  • Switch to Switch communications are populated in the MAC Address Table
  • Switch to Server communications are not populated in the MAC Address Table
  • Server to Server PING is successful
  • Server to Switch PING in unsuccessful
  • Switch to Switch PING is successful
  • Switch is running on IOSvL2


  • On VIRL Simulations vServers come with eth0 by default which is the management port
  • I had IPv4 configured on eth0
  • I removed IPv4 on eth0 and left it at its default configuration
  • I then configured IPv4 on eth1
  • MAC Address Tables are populating fine right now

Hello Nishesh

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