Class-map,route-map,policy-map & Access list

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class-map,route-map,policy-map & Access list

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In the meantime, I can tell summarise these concepts.

An access list is an entity that can be configured in a layer three device that will do two things: filter and classify. An ACL will filter traffic when applied to an interface in an in or out direction. Each packet is compared to the criteria of the access list and will either be permitted (transmitted) or denied (dropped). When used for classification, an ACL is referenced by a class map to determine if traffic matches the criteria in the ACL. For more about ACLs, take a look at:

A class-map is an entity that you create in a router that classifies network traffic. The class map will classify network traffic based on various match criteria configured within a class map. In other words, it defines traffic classes. A class map can reference an ACL to be used as the criteria or specific criteria can be applied to the class map. Class maps in turn are referenced by policy maps.

A policy map references class maps and identifies a series of actions to perform based on the traffic match criteria. A policy map essentially defines a policy stating what happens to traffic that has been classified using class maps and ACLs.

For an overview of policy maps, class maps and their implementations, take a look at the following Cisco documentation:

Route maps on the other hand are a little bit different than the above entities. Route maps are used when redistributing routes into an OSPF, RIP or EIGRP routing process as well as when generating a default route into an OSPF routing process. A route map defines which of the routes from the specified routing protocol are allowed to be redistributed into the target routing process. Route maps are applied in a similar manner to class maps as they both can reference access lists for match criteria.

For more information about route maps, take a look at this Cisco documentation:

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