Cleaning traffic


Can you tell me how work technologies like Radware or Arbor Firewalls? what do they do to ‘clean’ the traffic ?

I know ,for example, that my company has a bgp peerings with arbor routers and when an ddos happen the traffic is redirect to their routers… but I don’t understand very well how Arbor systems provide us cleaned traffic.


Hello Giovanni

It is very likely that you are using Flowspec in your DoS protection. Flowspec specifies procedures for the distribution of flow specification rules via BGP and defines procedure to encode flow specification rules as Border Gateway Protocol Network Layer Reachability Information (BGP NLRI) which can be used in any application.

You can find out more about it at the following links:

As for how Radware and Arbor deal with their traffic, I suggest you contact them directly, I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to explain anything that you may need.

I hope this has been helpful!