Complete GNS3 Topology

I’ve tried searching for this but could not find any info and apologize in advance if its been asked before. I would like to know if there’s a topology that encompasses ALL of your labs that i can follow along when studying or would i need to build an individual lab for ever single topic. It’s just that sometimes it takes up to 30 min just to build the lab in GNS3. Would love to have the full topology already built so i can focus my time on studying effectively. Thanks…


I don’t offer any GNS3 topologies here but I did include them for the labs on my other website If you use GNS3 then I would recommend to build a couple of basic topologies that are pre-configured with IP addresses. Something like:

  • R1-R2-R3 with a loopback on each router.
  • R1-R2-R3 (connected in a triangle).
  • Frame-relay hub and spoke topology.
  • R1-R2-R3-R4 (connected in a square).

Make sure you add a loopback interface on each router. You can use these topologies for 90% of the things you want to test.


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Thanks a bunch Renee for the super fast response. I will heed your your advice and try it that way…