Configure 2x L2L VPN with same remote VPN peer

Hello Rene,

Is it possible to configure 2 L2L VPN with the same remote VPN peer ?

I means i have 3 ASA , (HQ asa , 2 Remotes ASA) .
Remote ASA1 has a local Lan
Remote ASA2 has a local lan
HQ ASA has a local lan

I know source networks for a L2L VPN connection can be identical for every single L2L VPN in my configure. I know Naturally the destination network cant have overlapping.

But how can i configure HQ ASA to connect S2S VPN with two remotes that have the same local IP range ? Because the Firewall will be confused on where need to send the traffic .

Any suggestion please.

Thank you

Hi Senan,

This will cause issues. There is no way for your HQ ASA to differentiate which packets should go to remote SITE 1 or SITE 2.

You could solve this by configuring NAT on one of your remote sites, translating the VPN traffic to HQ.