Connect to VPN client from inside network

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit of a newbie, so go easy on me!

I have been trying to do some self learning with some kit that I have access to. One of the things that I have setup recently is configuring an ASA5510 to allow AnyConnect VPN users to access some servers remotely. That works just fine.

I was wondering if it possible to allow access from the servers on my internal LAN to have access back to the VPN client machine?

In a nutshell, the setup is this:
Windows 10 PC with AnyConnect client and it gets a DHCP IP from the ASA of

The Inside interface on the ASA is

This is connected to a Cisco 4948 switch. Port 1 of the switch is set as

interface GigabitEthernet1/1
 description ASA5510
 no switchport
 ip address

I have a server VLAN with IP address
My server has an IP address of and the default gateway is
Windows Firewall has been turned off on the server.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted!

Hello Craig

If I understand correctly, you have a PC on the INSIDE interface of the ASA, and a server on the outside interface, and you want to use AnyConnect to connect to the server, correct?

You must keep in mind that AnyConnect is used to connect remote users to the INSIDE network of the ASA over a secure VPN. This is described in further detail in this lesson:

If you are trying to achieve the opposite (i.e. client within INSIDE network, and the server is remote) which is what I understand from your description, then by default, connectivity should be allowed with no additional configurations and no need for a VPN. This of course assumes that all routing has been configured correctly so that communication is successful.

This is because any communication that is initiated from the INSIDE network to an OUTSIDE device is allowed based on the security zones, as described in the following lesson:

Does that make sense? If not, can you clarify what you are trying to achieve so that we can help you further?

I hope this has been helpful!