CSR1000v - GNS3 Alternatives for CCNP Core

I am currently studying for the CCNP (re-validation), and wondered if there was a GNS3 alternative to using the CSR1000v? I don’t have a cisco contract and therefore cannot download the trial version.

Hello Frank

Actually, the CSR1000v image is free for registered users. This recent post on Cisco’s Learning Network seems to indicate this. I’ve also tried to go to the download link of this IOS and was successful in downloading it even though I don’t have a contract, but I’m simply a registered user. (You can register for free).

As for an alternative, I am not familiar with something that would be as versatile as the CSR1000v unless you are able to get your hands on a variety of conventional IOS versions including the ASR 1000 series, or ISR 900 series, or older ones such as the 3XXX series routers as well. But you still have the issue of getting the IOS versions, which are not free.

I hope this has been helpful!



Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) has a CSR1000v image. This video explains how to try CML for free.


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Hi Michael,

Thanks … I’ve had a quick play on Devnet and it seems very promising!


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You can also download EVE-ng community version for free.

Hi Ricky,

Thanks for the info.

I have had a play with Devnet/OML …I think the biggest problem is working out in the free labs what client software is available that matches the labs in networklessons.