Dark theme for Networklessons

It would be helpful for the site to have a dark theme as well. I keep reading at night and the white background theme of the site is straining my eyes.

PS : Youtube has a dark theme tab in settings .


Hello Manoj,

I like the idea :slight_smile: I have someone working on a refresh of the site theme at the moment so I’ll see if this is something we can do in the future. I personally use dark mode for many sites :grin:



I also would love to see a dark theme. The white background is very harsh for long study sessions.

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I added this idea to the feedback board:


Changing the styling isn’t too difficult but I’m wondering what i can do about all the topology images with white backgrounds…:sweat_smile:

For now, I think you can also do this with stylebot:


We implemented this feature this week. Everyone should now see a button on the top right of every lesson: