Data Centre Concepts

(naila k) #1


I am new to this site,so have not checked the entire site,but cant seem to find anything about Data Centre.

There seems to be a mix of Data Centre terminology being used now in a routing and switching environment since big companies like i am working for, are hosting services in Data Centre.This puts me in a difficult position,my line of study had always been Routing and Switching,Now im feeling an urge for doing so many other Certifications along side which in real world for a working parent is not always easy.Can Rene put up a few tutorials for DC Architecture explaining the need for Fex or other such related terms.

(Rene Molenaar) #2

Hello Naila,

Sorry for the late reply, right now 99% of what we have is R&S. I plan to work on DC/Nexus material in a few weeks once I finish all R&S topics.

When you understand R&S, DC is not too bad since there is some overlap…and some new topics.


(Muhammad A) #3

Eagerly waiting for your new series regarding Data Center. Thanks Rene

(Suresh C) #4

Please arrange to share Cisco Nexus Switch topics as soon as possible please.

Thank you so much for all…!!!

(Akshay M) #6

Hi Rene,

Im eagerly looking for topic like VXlan, MLAG. Leaf and Spine architectures. Could you please provide a time frame on when will you be uploading those topics to the website.

(Rene Molenaar) #7

Hi Akshay,

I’m getting close now. There are a few more CCIE R&S topics to add and then I’m only working on DC material. Q1 2019 for sure.