Default-information originate

Why do we need to do in ospf default-information originate always ?

Hello Sirajmalayil

As you probably already know, default-information originate tells the router to inject any default route that has been configured on the router into the OSPF. The OSPF router does not, by default, generate a default route into the OSPF domain. You must implement this command for default route information to be injected and subsequently shared among the OSPF routers in the area.

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Just to add on to what Laz had to say, the key word “always” in “default-information originate always” is used in the case where the OSPF router does not, itself, have a default route present.

In other words, if you issue the command “default-information originate” but the router does NOT have a default route present in its routing table, the command is ignored (at least until a default route is created). The use of “always” gets around this restriction.