Defining routes and OSPF

I am trying to use frr on Linux to implement OSPF with IPV4.

Do I have to define a static route myself - or does OSPF define a route for me.
My scenario is
One router has an IP address of
On another router sh ip os route gives

============ OSPF network routing table ============
N           [1010] area:
                           via, enp8s0
N           [2000] area:
                           via, enp8s0

so ospf on the box knows about it.

but there is no route defined to linux, and if I ping it goes off somewhere else, not via enp8s0

Hello Colin

It really depends on what you want to achieve. OSPF is used to dynamically exchange routing information between routers. If you add to that a static route, then you are defeating the purpose of OSPF.

Concerning your specific scenario, it seems that the routing table shows that if you want to reach the router with an IP address of, the next hop IP to use is When you try to ping the, what results do you get? Is the next hop router of configured correctly so that it can relay packets to and from your router?

Keep in mind that if routing in one direction is established, it doesn’t mean that it has been established in the opposite direction. You must make sure that routing is configured correctly for routing to take place correctly in both directions.

Let us know how you get along. If you’re still having trouble, can you share your network topology with us so that we can help you further?

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi Laz,

Thanks for your reply. I went from frr release 10 back to frr release 8.1 and it all worked as expected.

My expectation and set up was correct…


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