DMVPN Phase 2 Basic Configuration

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Thanks for the good explanation Rene. I am using Cisco 7200 with IOS version 12.4(24g) but show dmvpn command is not working. Other configuration commands to setup DMVPN worked.

R1#show dmvpn
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


Hello Abhishek

It seems that this command is not available in your IOS version. You can see from the following Cisco CLI reference, that the command was introduced in the T train of code and not in the mainline which is your IOS version.

Even so, this is simply a show command that conveniently displays the components of the topology. You can still obtain the same information with a variety of other show commands such as those indicated in the following Cisco document:

Note this document was published before the introduction of of the show dmvpn command.

I hope this has been helpful!