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I have some queries related to DNS concepts.

1.When we buy a domain name the registrar updates the delegation zone for the domain which is basically the Nameserver Record of the domain. I would like to know does it update the IP Address of the Authoritative Name Server of test.com in TLD Name Server?

2.Does Registrars like Godaddy and Namecheap whenever a domain is purchased allocates a one or more servers which has IPv4 and IPv6 which helps in resolving your domain name?

3.In Local DNS Server while creating a Stub Zone do we need to update only Authoritative Name Servers of the domain purchased or along with that do we need to update the IP Address of the Name Servers for that domain?

4.If you are updating the IP Addresses in the Stub Zone how will you get the IP Address for the Name Server which is allocated by Registrar.

Example: Name Server given by GoDaddy is “ns1.domaincontrol.com.” how will you get the IP Address for this?

5.What are the Basic Troubleshoot which we could perform whenever our Webpage says DNS Query resolution issue?

6.How to get the IP Address for the Name Servers provided by the Domain Registrars? Can I search in through WhoIs Website?

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Hello Vikram

Once again, I’ll try to briefly respond to each question.

  1. When the delegation zone is updated, using a record on some server within the hierarchy of the DNS framework, the IP addresses of the NS are not changed. These remain the same within the framework. This Microsoft document describes the process in detail.
  2. This depends upon the policies of the specific provider and on whether your hosting service uses IPv4, IPv6 or both.
  3. Only a Master server is required. Take a look at this Microsoft documentation.\
  4. You only need an IP address of a DNS server (that provided by your ISP, or by Google for example as a Master DNS server.)
  5. This depends on if you are the DNS provider, or if you are the client. From a client point of view, the problem is typically that your DNS server is not working. You can troubleshoot this using the nslookup command in Windows or similar tools. From a DNS provider point of view, the process is much more complex, and cannot be responded to in the framework of a post.
  6. Simply use nslookup like so:
C:\Users\user>nslookup ns1.google.com
Server:  dns.google

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    ns1.google.com
Addresses:  2001:4860:4802:32::a

Once again, many of these queries can be found within the RFC
I hope this has been helpful!