Doc with key values

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I apologize if this topic has already been discussed. :relaxed:
I was thinking of having a doc that would sum up all the key values that could come up in the CCIE Written. It could concern the timers (OSPF on NBMA or on PTP , BGP keepalives…), the well known multicast addresses (, etc) , the protcol numbers (88, 89 etc) or the well know ports (TCP 179 etc)

Has such a doc already been created ? Otherwise I think it good be a good idea to have such a think, don’t you ?

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Hello Imen,

I haven’t created such a document but creating notes on these is a good idea. In all Cisco exams, there are some things that you just have to memorize…stuff like port number or timers.

Even better is to create flashcards for this. You can review those whenever you have a couple of minutes. I really like the idea of this:

Storing information in something like airtable, then create flashcards out of it.