Does the CCNP ENARSI exam recertify for 3 years the CCNP certification

I have CCNP - the ‘old’ one. I know that means i now automatically have CCNP Enterprise.
My CCNP Enterprise expires next year - will passing this exam recertify me for another 3 years.

After looking into it further - I’m going to answer my own question here - the answer is no - not quite.
2 concentration exams need to be passed - and CCNP ENARSI is only 1 !

Details below - ways to recertify :

Pass one technology core exam
Pass any two professional concentration exams
Pass one CCIE lab exam
Pass any one professional concentration exam and earn 40 CE credits or;
Earn 80 CE credits

Hello Charles!

Thanks for sharing the answer that you found on your own. That helps us all out a lot!

I wish you success in your certification endeavours!