Dot1x, ISE, profiling


Where can I learn more about ISE and the relation with 802.1x and profiling? I understand the principles of both, but I’d like to get a better grasp on the subject. I researched a bit and it seems like those are topics for CCNP Security. I understand the basics from here about 802.1x but there is not much information on the pratical side, like we deploy first monitor mode, then low impact…

Hello Conrad,

I have worked on Cisco ISE and 802.1x for about 2.5 years and it was daunting at first. I did take Cisco ISE 10 days course and although I am not an expert I have implemented 802.1x several times. If you have a specific question please ask away and I will do my best. Resources: Katherine R McNamara website: / and Router Gods on YouTube is highly recommended. She just got her CCIE Security and will be coming out with the exam book in November.

Let me know if that helps.


Hello Conrad

At this time we don’t have any content pertaining to ISE, however, this is something that will be added soon. I also suggest you go to the Member Ideas section and add it or vote for it (I see others have suggested it too…) Thanks for sharing your ideas, and thanks to @mfmolett for sharing your experience as well.