eBGP Multihop silly question

Hell all,
Enjoyed your lesson on ebgp multihop. I lab the first part of the lesson to get a better understanding. I did a typo and got two differnet answers and wondered if you could clear it up for me. It might seem as a silly question, but i had to ask. What is the difference between “external” and “External” in the command?

R3#sh ip bgp neigh | include External
  External BGP neighbor may be up to 2 hops away

R3#sh ip bgp neigh | include external
BGP neighbor is,  remote AS 1, external link

Why did i get two different out puts from this command. In one it identifies the neighbour and in the other it does not. Is it a bug in the software? I am using a 7200 router image in gns3? As usual, keep up the good work


No, it’s simply that it is case sensitive. So if you do ‘sh ip bgp neigh’ you will see the full output including both lines you are showing there.
‘External’ and ‘external’ are showing different lines if your bgp neighbor table.

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