EEM script how to increase run time


I need to check BGP links and would like to have this done within 180 sec after
event syslog pattern %BGP-5-ADJCHANGE:*

how can I increase the run time to 190 sec, adding another event:
event config maxrun 200
will exclude the first one that detect the change
Is it possible to change the policy so I can have a script running for 190 sec?

if yes how?

Thank you

event syslog pattern "%BGP-5-ADJCHANGE:*"
event config maxrun 200
action 1.0 cli command "enable"
action 1.1 cli command "sh bgp sum"
action 1.2 regexp "Active" "$_cli_result"
action 1.3  if $_regexp_result eq  1
action 1.3.1   syslog priority alerts msg "Message Sent"
action 1.5 regexp "Idle" "$_cli_result"
action 1.6  elif  $_regexp_result eq 1
action 1.6.1    syslog priority alerts msg "Message Sent"
action 1.7   end

Hi Dan,

How about adding a wait somewhere in between?

action 1.4 wait 180

Is this what you are trying to achieve? Wait for 180 seconds, then perform your actions? You’ll need to keep the event config maxrun in there. I think the default is 20 seconds.