EIGRP static route redistribution

“A redistributed static route takes precedence over the summary route because the static route has an administrative distance of 1 whereas Eigrp summary route has an administrative distance of 5. This happens when a static route is redistributed with the use of redistribute static under the Eigrp process and the Eigrp process has a default route.”

Hi there. After going over some cisco documentation , I could not really get what they were saying found above, I also tried creating a lab but, could not make the a summary static route be more attractive the the summary route generated by EIGRP. Please explain.

Many Thanks.

Hello John

This statement is simply saying that in a situation where you have both redistributed static routes as well as summary routes, the redistributed static routes will take precedence because they have a lower AD of 1 compared to an AD of 5 for EIGRP summary routes.

However, you must keep in mind that the AD of the summary route is 5 only on the local router where the summarization is applied. When the summary route is advertised to neighboring routers, the AD remains 90 as for all EIGRP routes.

Take a look at this cisco community thread for more info…

I hope this has been helpful!