Electronic version of CISCO official book : PDF version + Simulator CD


I need to purchase CISCO official certification books. I used to buy the hardcopy (paper) version and get with it a BOSON Simulation CD. I found the paper version heavy and hard to manage ; but, the BOSON Simulation CD was helpful.

Does somebody know how to purchase the electronic version of this stuff ?

  • PDF version of CISCO Books
  • Simulation CD (Download or physical)

Thanks in advance, for any hint.

Hello Maodo

If you go to www.ciscopress.com you will find that most books are also available in eBook format including EPUB and PDF. You can also find the network simulator software there if you do a search. Doing a quick search online I found that these are also available from other retailers like Amazon for example.

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi Maodo, You can also try personitcertification.com for the official cert guide books. they offer ebooks.

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