ENARSI BGP blueprint

Hi Rene/Laz

I see the BGP topics in the enarsi course on networklessons is quite big, are all those topics mapped to the blueprint? seems quite overwhelming


Hello Walter

Within the CCNP Exam Topics Blueprint, the section dealing with BGP has five points, but the ENARSI course does indeed include a lot of BGP material. This is because the topics found in the course are all required in order to fully understand all of the concepts that are being described within the blueprint. The ENARSI content approaches BGP (and most other topics) from scratch. So someone who has never dealt with BGP, but does have some experience in networking, is able to get up to speed on BGP at the ENARSI level.

If you notice, each of the five points in section 1.11 Troubleshoot BGP (Internal and External) of the blueprint include multiple concepts each, some including 9 different concepts within a single bullet point. So it becomes necessary to include all of these lessons in order to fully cover the topics involved.

I hope this has been helpful!


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