ENCOR 350-401 Practice Exam

The practice exam for ENCOR 350-401 will not allow me to go all the way to the end; although the first couple of times I tried it I did manage to go through all 55 questions. What happens now is that I start it, get through half of it and then the whole thing goes back to it’s beginning.


There is a mistake in aswers for this exam. For question: “A junior network administrator is configuring HSRP on two routers. She wants to make R1 be the active router under normal network operation. She has verified that the HSRP priority value of R1 is greater than that of R2. However, R2 continues to remain the active router in the configuration. Which of the following is a possible reason for this?”

You have two same answers which is make impossible to make a right one.

Hello Shahlar

Yes, you are correct, thanks for pointing that out. The red incorrect answer should actually read “Preemption has not been configured on R2”. I’ll let @ReneMolenaar know to make the correction…

Thanks again for pointing that out!