ENCOR Course Exam Topics

I have a question about the ENCOR exam course topics on this site. I am noticing that in the CCNP ENCOR course under EIGRP, there is only a subset of topics, where when I go to Courses → Routing & Switching → EIGRP, there is a full suite of topics there. How confident are you that the information outlined in the ENCOR course is complete enough to study? Or, should I just study ALL the information? For instance, alot of the “Advanced” EIGRP topics are not outlined in the ENCOR course. My assumption is that is because the ENCOR exam isnt going to cover EIGRP as in depth as say the ENARSI exam will. I am looking for guidance on whether or not my preparation for ENCOR should include a deep dive into all topics, or just those outlined in the ENCOR course.

Thank you.

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Hello Chris

The lessons in each of the categories found on the site are the best approximation of the topics covered in each of the certification exams. This does not mean that they are perfect, but that they cover the majority of what you need. Cisco’s exam blueprints always come with a disclaimer that is further described in this NetworkLessons note.

This means that Cisco’s exam blueprint topics are never exclusive. There may be related topics on the exam that are not in the blueprint. It is always a good idea go deeper into topics if you have the time, but you must balance your time/effort wisely.

Consider that 85 to 90% of the exam should be covered by everything in the blueprint, and in the list of lessons corresponding to that certification on the site. Go a bit deeper into some topics just to be sure you have a solid grasp of them. That should be enough to get you the certification. If you have the time, go deeper, it is always helpful, not only for certifications but for general knowledge and skills. None of it goes to waste.

Sorry that this answer is not more clear-cut, but it is what it is. I wish you success in your exam!!

I hope this has been helpful!


Thanks so much Laz! I really do appreciate your timely and in depths responses. I have decided to deeper on each of the topics just to be safe.

Thanks again!

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