Err-disable recovery

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Anybody get clear explanation about difference between err-disable recovery command options below? Which should I use to recover from an incorrect SFP state?

  1. sfp-config-mismatch
  2. gbic-invalid
  3. port-mode-failure


Hello Boris

The truth is that Cisco is not very clear about the specific events that lead to the particular err-disable reasons described in your post. Cisco documentation is not very enlightening :thinking:

However, based on the research I have done, I have come up with the following:

gbic-invalid has to do with the use of an invalid GBIC or SFP. This often happens if third party transceivers are used and detected, and Cisco devices can and do sometimes reject them. Some professionals have found that if you disable this check, many third party transceivers will function without any problems.

sfp-config-mismatch has to do more with the configuration that exists on both ends of the link. This involves devices that have dual media ports and the configurations on each end of such links. You can configure these ports as SFP mode, RJ45 mode, or auto. If the configuration is incorrect on either end, such an err-disable reason may occur. An example of such a device is the Cisco ASR 920 series.

port-mode-failure is somewhat more obscure, and is described only as “a port mode change failure.” Now port mode may be referring to STP or to a mode of trunk or access port, but I have been unable to find any other information about this. Anyone else have any information to add to this?

I wish I could be more complete in my explanations, but I hope this has been helpful…


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Hello Laz,

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