Ethernet CFM and G 8032

Can someone describe Ethernet CFM and G 8032 technology and how it’s works ???

Hello Muhammad

I can give a short summary here but I will include Cisco links that further describe these technologies.

Ethernet CFM is an Ethernet layer operation, administration and management protocol. It includes connectivity monitoring, fault verification and fault isolation for large MANs and WANs that are based on Ethernet technologies.

Ethernet was originally developed as a LAN technology. As Ethernet began being used for MANs and WANs, a new set of operation administration and management requirements arose due to the fact that these network are substantially larger and more complex than enterprise networks. Additionally, as Cisco states:

…the timeliness in isolating and responding to a failure becomes mandatory for normal day-to-day operations, and OAM translates directly to the competitiveness of the service provider.

Some of the benefits of Ethernet CFM as described by Cisco include:

  • End-to-end service-level OAM technology
  • Reduced operating expense for service provider Ethernet networks
  • Competitive advantage for service providers
  • Supports both distribution and access network environments with the outward facing Maintenance Endpoint (MEP) enhancement

The following Cisco document further describes Ethernet CFM.

G8032 is a feature that implements protection switching mechanisms for Ethernet layer ring topologies. It uses Ethernet Ring Protection (ERP) protocol to provide protection for Ethernet ring topologies ensuring that no loops are within the ring. Loops are prevented by blocking traffic on either a predetermined link or a failed link. The concept is similar to STP for layer two loops but applied on a larger scale specifically on Ethernet rings.

More information about G8032 can be found at this documentation:

I hope this has been helpful!