Failed first route attempt! Why frame relay, why!

I had my first route attempt today. I did not pass but I was happy overall with the result.

I don’t think I missed by much, and what got me was frame relay!!

I got a 17% in Layer 2 tech. There were a few (maybe more) frame relay questions.

The other sections were much higher percentage wise, so if it weren’t for frame relay I would have stood a much better chance at passing.

Does anyone know of an easy way to learn frame relay? The information on this site is good, but the exam went into more depth on frame relay.


Hi Jon,

Sorry to hear you failed but if you wrote down those frame-relay questions and research them at home, you’ll probably make it next time.

I checked the blueprint just in case:

2.2 Explain Frame Relay
2.2.a Operations
2.2.b Point-to-point
2.2.c Multipoint

These lessons should cover those:

If there is anything missing you think I should add, let me know ok?