Failed ROUTE again 779/790


I failed for the second time, now closer to the minimum score but still below. There’s very little routing in this test but NAT64, NAT64, NAT64.

Unfortunately, René‘s content doesn’t reflect that. I will continue with reading more whitepapers and Hammer this crap into my head.

Anyone else who experienced same lately?

My biggest hurdle was the tshoot, took me 4 tries. You’re close though so just try to hammer it out. I failed one of them by like 20 points and it was not fun so i know the feeling…

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Hello Klaus

I’m sorry to hear about your near miss. I wish you success in your next try. Sometimes it does indeed come to hammering it in and pushing through. It’s unusual that they’ve focused so much on NAT64 in the ROUTE exam. The truth is that they use random questions from various pools of questions for each topic, so it may be that next time they won’t focus so much on that…

Once again, don’t give up, and good luck in your next attempt! If you need any help, you know where to find us.


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Hello Laz,

Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate that. Unfortunately, my exam experience is in line with others I hear about on Reddit. My question pool had very little relationship to the weighting in the curriculum.

Anyway, I won’t give up! It’s still doable, albeit I see fewer and fewer appointments in the testing centers nearby.

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Yeah, I had the urgent need to throw the monitor against the wall after seeing the result :sweat_smile: