Flapping port

hello all i need help. below my problem:
Host 8056.f29d.c69f in vlan 16 is flapping between port Gi1/0/11 and port Po30

how can i do to solve it

Hello Adia

When you see a MAC address flapping between two interfaces, this usually indicates a layer 2 loop and a malfunctioning STP configuration. The MAC address is seen on both the G1/0/11 port and the Po30 portchannel port. Take a look and see where these two interfaces connect to and detect the loop. Disconnect one of the two connections making the loop and the flapping should stop. Then you can address the malfunctioning STP problem. It’s a good idea to make a diagram of your topology so you can see clearly on paper where the loop is and what steps you should take to rectify the problem.

I hope this has been helpful!