Free TFTP software

Does anyone know of any free, good TFTP software i can use to update a switch? The laptop i am using was given to me by a boss, I don’t know what he has on it, but it is a bit of a mess.


Solarwinds, tftpd, 3CDaemon to name a few.

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When updating the cisco switch, is the process for a .bin file different than the process for a .tar file? all of the info i see references .tar files…

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I always use solarwinds tftp. I wouldn’t think the process of a tar vs a bin would be different. you might be able to extract the .bin from the tar file but I have never used .tars with my Cisco equipment. Are you trying to upgrade your 3650c switches? If I have time to look at this I will. It might be a second as I am back in town but I am in a wedding today lol.

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I appreciate your time/help. My biggest issue is that this equipment (including the laptop) was provided to me by work, and i am just unfamiliar with the programs and files and how they are organized. I haven’t had much time to familiarize myself yet either… that is something i plan on doing with my days off.

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Hello Austin

Regardless of whether the file you are transfering is a tar file or a bin file, the transfer process is the same. Here is an example of how to transfer these files:

The document may be for an end of life product, but the process is the same.

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi Austin,

I also like TFTPD32 . It’s free and you can run a portable version (in case you can’t install anything on the laptop).


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