Full time job and motivation to study

Hi I’m working full time 6 days a week . from 7 am to 5 pm . i was not getting enough time to study . now i maked up the 2 hours daily schedule

From 6 pm to 7:30 pm i do some yoga exercise to calm my mind so i can study peacefully .

I study 2 hours daily from 8 pm to 10 pm.

On my one day off weekend i rest the whole day

Is this 2 hours study daily good ? Like 12 hours a week and 48 hours a month

What would yoi suggest how to improve the quality of study ?

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study topics that are relevant to your work . Lets say your work on Testing Spanning Tree’s or various other protocols like BGP or ISIS . This will also enhance your working skills .

If some more spare time is left . Please look into Automation with Python . It will enhance your working knowledge and skills further . Automation eases out jobs which require complex setup

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Hello Abdul

Having a full-time job and studying at the same time for certifications can be a challenge, but kudos to you for taking up the challenge! One of the best ways to deal with such a situation, where time is limited, is to put together a schedule, as you so wisely have done. The second thing you should do is make sure to make the best of that time by planning the topics you will be covering. Go over the issues and topics that you are the least familiar with and leave the more familiar topics for last. Sometimes some labs may need more than 2 hours to complete fully, so you may want to put aside some extra time occasionally to deal with those.

Now whether or not that is enough really depends upon how quickly you pick things up, and how knowledgeable you already are. But in general, two hours a day is a very good rate, and if you keep it up, you will be ready for certification…

It also depends upon what certification you’re going for CCNA level you should be up to speed in a couple of months. WIth CCNP, at that rate it may take 6 or more months. For CCIE a year or more. But again, these are just guidelines, it may take much less or much more depending on you.

As @sen2diwakar mentioned, it also depends on the topics you learn that are relevant to your job.

I hope that gives you a clearer picture of how to proceed. In any case, for whatever else you need, you know where to find us!

I hope this has been helpful!


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Hi Abdul,

If your studying for your CCNA you should be able to study 2 hours a day for 60 days. I used to work from 7am - 5pm. I had a 3 hour commute each way. Part of the commute I listened to one lesson then listen to the lesson on the way back then I would get home and practice on Packet Tracer or rental lab for 1 hour. The best thing to do is purchase and schedule your exam. You can always reschedule. If you don’t schedule your exam you will not take it, plus I think its something about the pressure of a scheduled exam that helps your brain retain knowledge better. Then get into a routine whether your studying 2 hours or 4 hours day. Try to break up your study times theres only so much your brain can absorb. At work during my breaks I would practice subnetting questions. Anytime I could find some extra time to practice.

Hope this helps.