Getting back into I.T career


I need some idea how to move back to I.T field

i was in I.T career before From august 2018 to now im doing temperorly job in construction field because there was no IT job available in 2018. i planto move back to I.T field iat the end of the year .

I want to give exam and get all the necessary certeficates bbefore the end of this year.

My ccna security expired in 2021

Which certs do you think wlll be helpful for moving back to IT ? Ccna , ccnp, vnware ?

any suggesions ? @lagapides any ideas ? being into IP telephony or voice calobration is my passion . only ccnp might be not enough these days ?

im about to givev ccna exam again is it compulsry ?

Hello Abdul

The current Cisco certifications for the CCNP level don’t have any CCNA prerequisites. You can go directly to a CCNP level exam. To get back into IT I believe the most valuable certification is the CCNP Enterprise:

If you’re already proficient in networking, then with some studying you should be able to get this under your belt before the end of the year. It’s advanced enough to get you noticed, and not so difficult that it will take you a couple of years to get, like the CCIE. The other option is to ease your way in a little bit slower first getting your CCNA and then moving on to the CCNP. This will allow you to get certification faster, even if it is a lower-level certification.

Once you get those certs, you can then move on to more specialized certifications such as IP telephony and collaboration.

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi Thanks for the reply .

First i will go with CCNP Encore then one of the other certifications ?

im very excited to BGP labs , EIGRP new labs , OSPF & new things

Hello Abdul

That sounds like a good idea if you want to jump right in. Just be sure you fully understand the concepts involved at a good level. If you feel that you need a more gradual reintroduction into networking, and you have the time and resources, consider doing the CCNA to get more acclimatized first. Ultimately you will have to choose what’s best for you.

But it’s a good sign that you’re excited because if you’re not passionate about networking, it can be difficult to be proficient at it.

I hope this has been helpful!