Getting your CCNA is important!

Hello, fellow forumites!

I just wanted to share some experiences that I recently had with you all. Recently I went through an interview process and one of my interviewers were telling me about their experience with the company. She had LOTS of experience in the IT field and was able to get to the last stage of the interview process with her current company. She impressed everyone with her skills and experience, but one the one thing that kept her from getting hired was that she did not have her CCNA! So what did she do? she worked very hard got her CCNA and got a job with this company! Getting a cert does mean something! Not only does it mean you are competent with a certain vendor or technology/technologies but it shows that you can stick to something until you complete your goal! So for all of you out there who might be discouraged or wondering if this cert path is worth it, it totally is! This website and forum are here to help you reach your goals, so use it as much as you can! I hope this helps everyone here!


Hello Scott

It’s great that you’re sharing your personal experiences with us. It is so true how certification can make the difference between getting hired or not. I too have achieved my first big network design job due to my CCNP. I may have had the skills and the experience, but CCNP was a requirement. Why? Because it is an excellent demonstration and verification of your ability to study a subject to the point of understanding and to learn the subject matter deeply enough to use it usefully.

We encourage others to share their experiences as well, as these things are so important to help us all in our careers.

Great to hear!