Good Afternoon folks!

I’m Jesse from NC. I’m a CCNA Network engineer for --information redacted–
After much lurking on Reddit I heard too many good things about NetworkLessons to not sign up. I’m currently working my way through the study method email I received as well as the cisco ASA course. I’m always looking for labs or workbooks to utilize, especially since I currently have some fear/stigma about using the ASA CLI and am working to get over that now.
Utilizing GNS3 but hoping to use CML as funds permit in the near future. Thank you all for your time reading this and best wishes!

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Hello Jesse,

Welcome! The ASA CLI is a bit different than IOS, but you’ll get used to it quickly. With 2-3 devices, you can practice pretty much anything.

GNS3 works but if you want to switch in the future, you might want to look at EVE-NG first.

I use Cisco CML mostly because it’s the official emulator, and it works great for the devices that come with it (IOSv, L2 switch, and some Nexus switches). It’s difficult to add devices that are not officially supported (such as the Cisco SD-WAN images). That’s much easier to do in EVE-NG.

If you need any help, you know where to find us :slight_smile:


Hello Jesse and welcome!

Great to have you with us. It sounds like you’re well on your way in your studying and learning. We wish you success in your goals, and we’re happy to be part of your journey.

Looking forward to “seeing” you on the forum!