Hands on labs

I have a background in SW development in Networking domain. I am looking to refresh concepts in Routing and Switching. To do that need some way to perform hands on lab.
Is there any tool which I can use to set up same topologies as show in lessons to get a deeper knowledge.
Appreciate if someone can point out a tool usable t online with a web interface which can allow small topology but at least basic protocol configuration and examination

Hello Neeraj

Great to have you with us! Take a look at the following couple of lessons that talk about various options for labs. You can build your own lab with physical equipment, at a generally low price, but you can also use network emulators such as GNS3, VIRL, or others. These lessons should lead you in the right direction to make the best choice for you. They reference both CCNA and CCIE certifications, but they are both valid for any lab and hands-on work you want to do.

I hope this has been helpful!


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