Hello from Aix-La-Chapelle, Germany

Hey, i’d like to say hello to all of you guys.
Recently i have passed my CCNP Enterprise exams and achieved the CCNP status ( 1 month ago.)
Well, right at the moment i am studying for the CCNP SP Track, next week i’ll take the SPCOR, and in 2 weeks i’d like to take the SPRI.
Does someone have any advices or resources regarding the SPCOR?
Thanks a lot to all of you!

Hello Fabian,

Welcome and congratulations on achieving CCNP Enterprise status.

I haven’t taken the SPCOR exam so, to be honest, there’s not much I can share :sweat_smile:

There is some overlap with CCNP Enterprise (Networking + Architecture) but MPLS (20%) , Services (20%), and Automation (15%) might have topics that you haven’t seen before. I wish you good luck for the exam!