Here i am!

Hi everybody !

I’m a teacher CCNA, in what we call “MBO” in the Netherlands. (for the US people, something like high school but skill centered, age 16…21)
I got my CCNA looooooooong time ago… so long ago that pearson didn’t recognize my id anymore ;-))

i love my job but feel a little disconnected with the field for a while. So, instead of searching for “Geraniums” (little dutch joke) i go and set a new target for myself. Yes… CCIE sounds nice…

No real need te get it, but every Cisco event there is a CCIE lounge. It’s time to see how it looks from the inside… :wink:

For now i re-certified CCNA (and took CCNA Security also, something todo with “keuzedelen” MBO) and missed 1 question… still don’t know which… damn !

for now CCNP route a.s. Wednesday, whish me luck !
(ok, with the help of rene & support, perhaps not needed, but i take it anyway !)

greetz from “Den Haag”,


Hello Martijn,

Thanks for your message and wish you the best in your study.