Hi from Luxembourg

Hello all and hello Rene,

I am Luigi and I work in Luxembourg.

this is really great what your are doing.
I wish you all the best.

I have some nice certifications which they have been translated to the new era of Cisco Cert.
The 3 old style certs which I am concerned are CCNP-R&S, CCDP and CCNA-Security.

Now the thing is that I want to keep my skills in line with the new subjects treated in the new Cisco Certs era like the ENARSI 300-410, ENSLD 300-420 (the old CCDP) and the old CCNA-Security which I see that it has not been translated :(.

So, said that I would like to study the new subjects.

Can you give some advise where to start? I start right away :smiley:

Ciao ciao all and have a nice day.


Hello Luigi,

Welcome and thank you!

For CCNP Enterprise, I would recommend going through ENCOR and ENARSI:

I don’t have a course page for ENSLD 300-420 but looking at the blueprint, it’s similar to ARCH but they match the blueprint topics from ENCOR and ENARSI. I do see IS-IS, which isn’t on ENCOR or ENARSI though.

It seems Cisco launches the official ENSLD book in March.

About CCNA security, that’s too bad…it’s gone. They did add topics from CCNA security in the new CCNA and CCNP exams though.

For now, good luck studying :slight_smile: I think you can spend quite some time with ENCOR and ENARSI at the moment.


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