Hi, I'm Steff and I'm addicted

…to know and do. Besides fancy words, I am, for the moment, very interested in general routing, IPv6, and BGP. I’d like to build a small cloud service almost entirely in-house. I have my own AS Number, my own /48 IPv6 range and I’d like to implement a BGP router for it using Debian and BIRD. Any suggestion? :slight_smile:

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Hello Steff,


I haven’t tried BIRD yet but it’s probably a good choice. It seems to be larger than Quagga. Configuration-wise it’s different than IOS but if you know BGP, it shouldn’t be much of an issue :slight_smile:


Here is where you enter the stage: helping me learn about routing, BGP, and IPv6. I’ll manage myself for the rest. :slight_smile: Very good job till now, congrats!

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