Hi there! I am ... from ...Pakistan

(Waseem Hyder Q) #1

Who are you?
…Hi There ,I am Waseem Hyder Qureshi from Karachi Pakistan

Where are you?
…Karachi Pakistan

What stage are you in? Are you a beginner in networking? A veteran studying for a CCIE exam?

currently i have done ccna and forwarding for ccnp
What’s your background? Why did you join NetworkLessons.com? Any cool stories to share?
…I amd TAC Engineer Level 1 at Cyber internet services (CYBERNET) leading ISP in Pakistan

(Lazaros Agapides) #2

Hello Waseem!

Great to have you here. Looking forward to communicating with you on the forum. If you need anything, we’re here to help!


(Waseem Hyder Q) #3

Dear Lagapides,

Thank you very much i appreciate you for being kind.

(Rene Molenaar) #4

Welcome Waseem!

Good luck studying for now :slight_smile: