High Broadcast packets

Hi Team,

Hope this message finds you well. I have a N6K switch.

All ports on it are configured in Trunk Mode. I noticed that there is lots of “Broadcast out” on all ports.

How this can be limited or controlled to avoid high cpu ressources ?


Hello Mahmoud

There are several steps you should take to deal with this issue:

  1. When you say you have “lots” of broadcast out, how many is “lots”? Is it using extensive CPU resources? What is the load on the CPU? Is it causing performance degradation or are you looking to protect your network from a potential increase in broadcast traffic?
  2. Determine where these broadcasts are coming from. If it is due to an application on the network or a misconfiguration of some other device, this should be found and remedied.
  3. If the traffic is generated by systems or networks that are not under your administration, then you must put some traffic suppression mechanism to avoid saturating your network and your network devices with excessive broadcast traffic. For Nexus 6K devices, take a look at this Cisco documentation on Traffic Storm Control.

I hope this has been helpful!