How can a IPv4 user reach the Ipv6 internet site

Can someone please walk me through the detailed steps!
{With respect to DNS!}

Hello Arohi

Your question is quite broad, however, I’ll try to narrow it down a bit. I assume you’re asking, if I have an IPv4 routable IP address (such as on my home router how do I reach an Internet site that only has an IPv6 address (such as 2001:ACD4::0289) and how does DNS resolve such an IP address, correct?

Currently, most sites that have an IPv6 address will also have an IPv4 address as well so they’re directly reachable. This can be confirmed by doing an nslookup on a site such as Below you can see the output of the following command on a WIndows command line: nslookup

You can see that the addresses that correspond to are an IPv4 and an IPv6 address. As time goes on, more and more internet servers will abandon the use of IPv4 addressing. So, in the case where you have a web site that has only IPv6 addressing and your ISP gives you an IPv4 address, then somewhere along the waythe IPv4 address is translated to an IPv6 address.

In most cases this will be done at the edge of your ISP’s network where it interfaces with the rest of the Internet. This is achieved using what’s called NAT64, which is an IPv6 transition mechanism. It translates between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. This translation will take place for both the DNS request as well as the actual communication with the web server.

I hope this has been helpful!