How EVC and BDI work?

Hi Rene,
I currently work as a support for a company that applies an Ethernet Virtual Connection, BDI, and QinQ tunneling
I am only a CCNA level but I must understand these technologies
Could you please guide me to what should I study and what to start with?

Hello Rehab,

I have some material that might help to understand these topics. First, I would make sure you become very familiar with VLANs and trunking. Go through unit 2 of the switching course:

Afterwards, read up on Metro Ethernet:

And try the Q-in-Q configuration example:

I don’t have anything on BDI but @lagapides explained it a bit in this topic:

Good luck and if you have any questions, let us know ok?


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Thank you for answering me with a very useful information! Appreciate it.
It has really helped me understand these topics

I was wondering if you have any material about service instance
I would be grateful


Hi Rehab,

I’m afraid not. I think it might be wise to check some of the material on EVCs. For example: