How to access CSR1000v API hosted on AWS via a bastion host/jump box?


I am trying to access my Cisco CSR1000v using API. CSR1000v is hosted in AWS, which I can presently access via bastion host/jump box. I am looking for pointers as to how can I access the CSR1000v from my local m/c using API.

Present SSH Setup:
Local Dev --> AWS Bastion(Linux Box) --> AWS Hosted CSR1000v

Note: AWS Hosted CSR1000v uses a private key for login.

Hello Gaurav

You are accessing jumpbox using SSH. This means that you have a few options to achieve what you need:

One option is to use SSH port forwarding. Take a look at the following lesson for more info on that:

Another option is to connect to jumpox using SSH and then connect to the router directly, by using a Python script for example.

Finally, you can eliminate the use of SSH all together and simply use a VPN to connect.

I hope this has been helpful!