How to become a CCSI?

Hi René, I am really enjoying this website. I read in your bio that you became a CCSI. I am a CCNA and would like to ask how I can become a CCSI?

Please share with us the path you took and your experience.


Hello Shamin,

I was a CCSI back when I was doing freelance teaching. I didn’t renew it since i got my CCIE and because I only work on Networklessons nowadays.

If you want to become a CCSI, you need to associate yourself with a Cisco Learning Partner. This shouldn’t be a problem since CLPs usually need an X amount of CCNA/CCNP/CCIE people for certain statuses.

Also, there is a two day exam:

* One lab day
* One presentation day

The lab is a bit above CCNA level and I think the passing rate was > 80% or something. On the presentation day, you have to teach two CCNA topics from the official Cisco courseware (you can buy a preparation kit for CCSI from the Cisco learning website).

Pass both the lab and the presentations and you are a CCSI :slight_smile:

You can find a detailed guide here:

I really enjoyed the whole experience and teaching the classroom courses.


Hi Rene,
Hope you are doing good…
This is Arindom from India…i think u can remember me…u gave me some good ideas in my introduction session…

One information i want to give you that is yesterday 9th my account renewed again i am here agian for this month, i want to touch with you and really i am enjoying with your lesson…doing study everyday as well…

Having one question regarding your last line i understood when u was CCSI u gave class room training but now do you giving class room training in ur place?or u just giving offline training here?

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Arindom,

Glad to hear you want to stay on board :+1:

Nowadays, I work full time on I really don’t have time for anything else. Writing content and recording videos takes a lot of time, and there is a lot of other work behind the scenes.


Ok Ok Rene Sounds Good:+1:…we are waiting for your new videos:smiley:

Thanks & Regards,
Arindom Nag