How to Configure EIGRP as primary link for in& out traffic for Campus network if we have 3 protocols

I have scenario like attached topology
There are 3 routers running with OSPF,EIGRP and Static in campus Wide area network and I want to make EIGRP is primary path and secondary is OSPF ,if both fails then traffic should go via “Static” route . Since Static route has lower AD value ,so prefer path is static for Campus network could you please help me how to overcome this situation ?

Hello Sivakanth

If left to default values, the AD will indeed cause static routes to be chosen over EIGRP routes, which in turn will be chosen over OSPF routes. However, AD is something that we can modify. You can change the AD so that static routes will be chosen last, after OSPF. For more info about changing the AD, take a look at these lessons:

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Thank you Sir,
Now I got it :slightly_smiling_face:

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