How to configure SNMPv3 on Cisco IOS Router

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Hi, I added the command below and I can see through ‘debug snmp packet’ that the router is sending traps, but I can’t receive the traps in observium. Polling works fine, but traps don’t seem to be received.

snmp-server host traps version 3 priv MYUSER

Do you know how to configure sending traps to observium using snmp v3?

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I don’t think Observium supports SNMP traps right now, only polling. I installed it a few months ago so not sure if they implemented it by now.


Awesome tutorial and breakdown on how v3 is different from v1 and v2


Has there been any that instead of manually creating one account for snmp better use radius as authentication?

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Just want to mention that snmpwalk is also available for Windows.
The syntax is a bit different:

Windows: SnmpWalk.exe -r: -V:3 -sn:MYUSER -ap:MD5 -aw:MYPASS123 -pp:aes128 -pw:MYKEY123

Linux: snmpwalk -v3 -u MYUSER -l AuthPriv -a md5 -A MYPASS123 -x aes -X MYKEY123

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What is the use of snmpwalk. How it is different from snmp getbulk?

Hi Ananth,

SNMPWalk obtains a group of values by using SNMP GETNEXT request to query a network for a tree of information. In this lesson we used SNMPWalk on the Linux system to check if it is possible to retrieve information from the router so we know that SNMP is configured correctly on the router.

As for the 2nd part of the question, the GETBULK operation was introduced in SNMP v2 and is used for retrieving large amount of data, particularly from large tables using a single SNMP request.

I hope I could answer your question.

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Can you add view part of snmp v3